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Obstacles to Cure in Homeopathy


Organon aphorism §252

But should we find, during the employment of the other medicines in chronic (psoric) diseases, that the best selected homeopathic (antipsoric) medicine in the suitable (minutest) dose does not effect an improvement, this is a SURE sign that the cause that keeps up the disease still persists, and that there is some circumstance in the mode of life of the patient or in the situation in which he is placed, that must be removed in order that a permanent cure may ensue.  

Obstacles to Cure

These factors can be spiritual, emotional or physical. Physical obstacles include those mechanical factors, chemical ingestion, environmental pollution, unrepairable organ damage, allopathic drug effects. Emotional obstacles are mainly about the suppression of emotions or the loss of emotions. When emotional reaction including sexual desire is suppressed, and it becomes a habit, the person is dead, they are very closed and it is difficult for cure unless their belief in life is re-established. Mental obstacles are those fixed ideas, including the concern on health, on diet, on medicine and so on. Spiritual seekers and intellectuals are also difficult patients. We would either find no discrete symptoms at all or the remedies never seem to have any impact on them.

According to our master, the first step to cure is the remove the factors that are constantly damaging our health. It is not difficult to understand that constant vigourous exercise for an injured athlete would not recover even with the best remedy; people suffered from nutritional deficiency would not return to their best health even with the most similar remedy if the deficiency is never addressed; an laceration wound would not heal even with the most suitable remedy if the foreign body is not removed.

Homeopathic Co-remedies

Modern style of diet causes serious malnutrition. Instant products, refined food, excess intake of animal products, high-sodium diet, and so on, would all contribute to chronic diseases. Malnutrition is the most common “obstacle to cure” nowadays, in which homeopathic co-remedies should be combined with the use of homeopathic remedy for the best result.

Classical Flower remedies

We would not forget Classical flower remedies when we mention the emotional aspect of obstacles to cure. Classical flower remedies inherit the 38 remedies by Dr. Bach. As a derivative of homeopathic remedies, they also obey the principle “ like cures like” and target on the negative emotions. For emotion-dominated conditions, Classical flower remedies could be simple and effective.