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      The Education of Homeopathy


According to the information provided by the School of Homeopathy (SOH) in United Kingdom, the study courses of Classical Homeopathy must cover:  Physiology and Anatomy, qualified and then Pathology, qualified and then Holistic Nutrition, qualified and then Classical Flower Remedies, qualified and then the 4-year Homeopathy Practitioner Course. After the qualification of course examination and the clinical examination, the student is certified to be registered as a Homeopath. The whole education of Homeopathy takes about six to seven years.


The School of Homeopathy UK

       The School of Homeopathy was established in 1981 by its Founder and current course leader, Misha Norland. We are the longest running homeopathy school in the U.K. and for many years have been recognised for clarity of vision, for precision in homeopathic prescribing, and for professionalism.

        We maintain and further the highest educational standards and are renowned for our student and graduate support. Our worldwide home-study programmes have firmly established our special ability to use this medium as the basis of training that properly develops the skills and understanding of our students to help them become effective practitioners who enjoy their practice. To this end, we cultivate holistic approaches to health and sickness that include perspectives of soul and spirit as well as body and ecology, and aspire to awaken and encourage awareness and compassion as an integral part of our practitioner development.


"We set up the School because we passionately believe in the homeopathic way of promoting health and curing sickness and also because the practice of homeopathy augments our appreciation of life’s mystery as well as helping us sense beyond the veil of suffering."

Misha Norland, Founder & Director


      The practice of homeopathy has been seeing a resurgence in recent decades, and this has been particularly visible in the U.K., with an increasing demand for teaching leading to many colleges springing up during the last 25 years. Although many have closed or changed hands, the School of Homeopathy has continued to attract students through its reputation for excellence and its ability to produce practitioners who are empowered by their knowledge and skill. This is achieved as a result of a continuous process of review and development. The School provides current teaching materials that not only benefit attendance students but also feed into the home study course in regular up-grades. Using the wide resources available through our long experience and our mentoring staff, we give you especially individual attention to help you best develop your innate healing skills.