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About Homeopathy Research Institute

In the late 1990s, Dr Alexander Tournier, then studying theoretical physics at Cambridge University, became intrigued by findings being reported from the field of homeopathy research, including such intriguing results as the memory of water effect reported by Professor Jacques Benveniste. Seeing the potential and importance of research in this field, but concerned by the lack of quality of the studies being carried out, Dr Tournier decided to create an organisation whose primary role would be to promote high-quality research in homeopathy.

The Homeopathy Research Institute was incorporated in 2007 and awarded charitable status by the Charities Commission in 2009. The Institute is overseen by a Board of Trustees whose members bring us the benefit of their experience in fields such as clinical research, basic science research, homeopathy and business management.

About School Of Homeopathy
We often get asked, “What’s it like to learn homeopathy?” One of our students once said, ”Learning homeopathy is a little like going to a university all about you”. We loved that thought, as it sums up homeopathy really well. Not only do you build a new career, you also learn all about what it means to be human and some of the deeper philosophical questions about existence, health and life.