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Living Homeopathy Ltd. 



          Living Homeopathy Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun, dedicated to the promotion of Classical Homeopathy. Prof. To, the president, started his study on holistic nutrition more than 20 years ago, he made good use of different alternative medicine, and helped many people getting away from chronic diseases, rediscovering the joy of life. But in fact, Prof. To had always got a question in mind, although many natural herbs are beneficial to those with chronic diseases, they are never useful for all. With the same illness, why is the herb very useful in some cases, but has no effect in others? With the mission to solve the problem of chronic diseases which are more and more common nowadays, Prof. To kept trying to find a method which is rapid, efficient, side-effect free and toxic free. At last, he met Homeopathy ---- a concept which is new to Chinese: manufacture the remedy by dilution, there is basically no one molecule chemically in the remedy! With prolonged study, repeated proving on himself and his followers, he discovered that homeopathy is not only effective for chronic diseases, but also amazing for acutes.

From then onwards, Prof. To devoted all his time on homeopathy, and soon get the practitioner diploma. He believes the only way that he can help more people with homeopathy is education. Besides the always lively lectures from Prof. To, he also co-operates with different colleges in UK and develops the holistic nutrition course in Chinese for local people, more and more Chinese people are therefore able to understand the concept of holistic medicine, and redirecting their path towards the physical, emotional and spiritual health. Prof. To started to be the professor for the diploma of holistic nutrition since 2004, more than a thousand students benefited in these few days. In 2008, Prof. To went to UK personally and from then onwards, he co-operates with School of Homeopathy UK. His aim is to translate all the courses from SOH into Chinese, and it will be the very first Chinese Homeopathy course in China, as so far all the homeopathy courses here are either attendance courses overseas or correspondence course in English. After he has personally finished the whole course from SOH, from theory to practitioner level, from paper to clinical, he was appointed as the lecturer for the Chinese homeopathy course. He did not only fulfill the academic requirement, but also had impressive insights during the international seminars, Misha had also given very positive comments to his performance.

Prof. To has always got a dream, he wants to bring the forever true and practical law of health into the Great China, so that Chinese people would no longer need to spend a lot on the endless struggle with allopathic medicines. Comparing with other similar companies, the service and remedies are not only in better quality but also at a more affordable price. Living Homeopathy Ltd. hopes that with the corporate effort of all of us, more people can enjoy a better and healthier life as they are deserved.